Technical Programme

WSP Workshop on Brake Emissions

Wednesday 22 May, 14:00–17:50

Chair: Dr. Theodoros Grigoratos, Joint Research Centre Institute for Energy and Transport Sustainable

Co-chair: Dr. Sebastian Gramstat, AUDI AG

Brake emissions are a multidisciplinary field and therefore experts from different specialised fields are required to tackle the problem. The current workshop deals with the topic, considering five different dimensions:

"Non-exhaust contribution to the environment" – Many studies with contrasting results have been published and yet fundamental questions remain open. What is the contribution of non-exhaust traffic related sources to the ambient PM concentrations? Are existing PM and PN EFs realistic?

Dr. Hugo Denier van der Gon, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, TNO  

"Health relevance of non-exhaust particles" – One cannot fully assess the importance of non-exhaust emissions without providing information on health effects. The topic has been treated as taboo for many years. What do we know about possible adverse health effects of non-exhaust particles?

Dr. Miriam Gerlofs, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Netherlands   

"Measurement approach" – On-going activities worldwide employ different methodologies. Harmonization comes with many difficulties and newly risen problems/issues. What are the challenges for applying real-world measurements and how can real world measurements be used for lab tests?  

Dr. David Hesse, TU Ilmenau – EB2019-FBR-017

Dr. Jaroslaw Grochowicz, Ford Werke GmbH & Carlos Agudelo, Link Engineering

Tomasz A. Gonet, Lancaster University – EB2019-EBS-029

Mr. Felix Wenzel, TU Ilmenau – EB2019-FBR-019  

"Future perspective – technologies changing the picture" – One should take a look to the future and the upcoming technological changes which appear to be rapid. Regenerative braking, AEB, other features but also improvement of the existing materials (i.e. coated discs and life-long pads) are discussed in this session.

Dr. - Ing. Sebastian Gramstat, AUDI AG on behalf of the German Association of the Automotive Industry, VDA

Additional Speaker to be confirmed  

"On-going activities worldwide – are we moving towards regulation" – Information regarding on-going activities worldwide is provided during this session. Do these activities lead to non-exhaust emissions regulation? What gaps need to be filled in order to move towards regulation?

Dr. Mattia Alemani, Brembo – EB2019-EBS-023

Dr. Theodoros Grigoratos, European Commission, Joint Research Centre

Speaker from California Air Resources Board to be confirmed

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