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Company Description

Founded in 2001, Magyc is specialized in design and manufacturing of High Precision Testing and Measurement Systems for Industrial Quality Control. Magyc today counts on over 15 years of experience in product and process innovation, quality control, assurance systems, problem analysis and customized solutions. Thanks to its know-how and the collaboration with the most innovative industries and research institutes, MaGyc is today a leader of the quality control in industrial sector, through its specialization in Industrial Problem Solving by use of NDT technologies.

MaGyc is specialized in data acquisition and analysis by different techniques, also non-conventional ones as neural networks, fuzzy logic, TRIZ. Some of Magyc competences are:

- FRF Technology, successfully used to detect cracks, porosity, incorrect heat treatment, machining errors through "frequency responses" comparison and 0,5 sec tests. Application examples: disks, drums, pads, sintered materials, ceramics and castings.

- Ultrasound Analysis, used for the detection of cracks, porosities or void that may be present within any artefacts, for thickness measurements even inside milling operations, for the detection of flaw or the characterization of material. Application examples: aerospace and railway industry, electrical contacts, control of weldings and joints obtained by Friction Stir Welding (FSW).

- Image processing, used to analyse surface and dimensions by real-time images analysis with integrating robots and proprietary software operating on industrial PC. Application examples: ceramics, automotive components like pistons, lead batteries, food are just some of the sectors of application of image processing. Challenges always exist in production: Magyc finds the unique solution with the specific approach.

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